Aspiration to Action: Training for DEI Leaders

Your organization has a DEI council or race equity committee, and you’re on it, but…you aren’t getting any real traction with your efforts. You know the work of creating inclusive and equitable work culture could go deeper.

The reach could be broader. Your efforts could have more impact.

The question is: how?

Equipping Folks for
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership
in their organizations

Aspiration to Action is a 3-month mentoring and training program for those leading and participating in workplace DEI Councils who desire to be more effective and have greater impact on their organizations as a whole.

You know it, we know it, and you’re hopeful that your C-suite decision-makers know it: There is work to be done in terms of creating an inclusive and equitable work culture within your organization.

But it can be challenging to know where to begin creating a plan that your leadership team will actually buy into, and one that will have a sustainable impact. Deconstructing the systems of racial inequities that exist within your organization is no easy feat, and you definitely can’t do it on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Aspiration to Action gives you access to your very own DEI advisor and strategist who can guide you in creating a sustainable framework, hold you accountable, help you gain and sustain leadership buy-in, and measure the impact of your efforts. 

Join me for over 7 hours of training videos on the following topics

Module 1 – Shared Language & Frameworks

Shared language, action continuum, liberatory consciousness, and operationalizing equity

Module 2 – Staffing and Recruiting Your DEI Council

DEI Council roles vs. everyone else’s roles, ideal composition, and visioning exercise


iModule 3 – Crafting Your DEI Charter

The Why, What, Who, and When.  Examples of group dynamics in doing racial equity work

Module 4 – Reviewing or Creating a DEI Statement

Making commitment visible at work, components of a meaningful DEI statement, and what to do with your statement once you have one.

 Module 5 – Gaining & Sustaining Buy-In and Support From Your Organization

Bringing in the organization and leadership for long term work, creating individual and organizational-wide goals, decision making by consensus, and handling diversity fatique and oversimplifications

Module 6 – Measuring Your DEI and Race Equity Impact

Getting a baseline, employee engagement surveys, components of an equity assessment, surveys, and recommendations and solutions

Module 7 – Outlining Your Roadmap + Timeline: 

Priorty and goal development, presenting to leadership, gaining buy-in, communications plan for sharing recommendations, implementations phase, and plan check-in timelines.


You already have a DEI council. Make their work more effective.

Aspiration to Action provides the
formalized training and relationship building necessary
to leverage diversity and build inclusive culture
for long-term change.

Let’s get started.

Cohort Dates:

This program runs each Spring and fall  The next available session will be Spring 2022 (starting March 1, 2022).  We are currently accepting applications. The program is designed to be a three month course.

$3,500 per Organization

  • Mentoring sessions 3 office hours at specific checkpoints in the program for up to 3 of your DEI council members (1 must be the sponsor and 2 additional members)
  • Over 7 hours of on-demand training videos Covering topics such as Operationalizing Equity, Developing a DEI Charter for Your Organization, Gaining and sustaining Buy-in and Support From Your Organization, and Outlining Your 2022 Roadmap & Timeline
  • Discussion Prompts + Action Steps Each module includes resources for further collaboration and discussion among the organization’s DEI council members

Application requirements:

  • This program will be open by application only. \
  • We will accept 10 companies and each company can send up to 3 participants for the office hours.
  • Organizations will be invoiced once application is accepted.  Payment in full is due prior to the start of the course.

While Aspiration to Action was designed with existing DEI councils in mind, don’t hesitate to join us if you’re just in the beginning stages of establishing a council. Course materials are accessible to all council members, and you are welcome to bring along two fellow members to each of the scheduled ‘Office Hours’ where you can chat directly with your mentor and instructor Ericka about all things DEI.

Meet Your Mentor and Instructor

Ericka Hines, Principal of Every Level Leadership, is an advisor and strategist who works with organizations to align their commitments to inclusion and equity with their everyday actions and operations. Her leadership in Whiteness at Work and the Black Womxn Thriving research project give her ongoing insight into corporate DEI work nationwide.

Her unique perspective allows her to incorporate the newest research, strategies, with established expertise for leadership development that creates lasting change. Ericka has worked closely with several DEI councils over the years, helping them to start, grow, and plan their internal DEI efforts.

With experience working on everything from establishing a charter to negotiating with senior leaders, she can help your team get clear and strategic about what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

Ericka Hines

This training is a good fit for you or your organization if you:

  • Are a part of DEI councils or are close to launching one—as a leader or as a member
  • Are passionate about creating change but lack the formal training needed to lead high-performing, effective DEI efforts
  • Desire to form and share best practices with your counterparts in other organizations who are working for change as well.
  • Want your organization’s DEI council to create greater impact organization-wide: for your company, its employees, and its stakeholders and partners.
Two women talking and sitting on a couch with their pen, notebook and laptop

Topics we will explore:


Draft a DEI charter document that allows your team to set goals that are measurable and structure guidelines for the DEI council’s work.

Recruitment and Formation

Gain perspective on who should be on the DEI council—and why—and learn how to structure your team so it is available to all.


Find best practices for ensuring all people in your organization understand the work your council is doing, the progress you are making, and the new processes that are the result of DEI initiatives your team crafts.

Buy-In and Support

Learn how to get leadership buy-in, participation and ongoing support/resources for the work your DEI council is doing. Additionally, find ways to connect with executive sponsors to raise visibility for your efforts.


Develop processes and benchmarks to measure your council’s success and determine whether your DEI team is effectively executing your vision and mission.

Aspiration to Action Application

You’ve seen the details and know you are ready for three months of high-impact DEI council learning and mentorship with Ericka Hines. Now is your chance to tell us why you and your group would make a good addition to our cohort. We look forward to learning more about you!

Please note: Payment in full of $3,500 is due prior to gaining access. to the course materials.
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