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“Doing this work, I have my foot wedged in the door of change—and I am gonna push it to open as wide as I can.”
~ Ericka Hines

Ericka Hines

Meet DEI Keynote Speaker Ericka Hines

Ericka Hines, Principal of Every Level Leadership, works with organizations to align their commitment to inclusion and equity with their everyday actions and operations.

For more than 10 years, she has worked with government agencies, nonprofits, and foundations across the country to help their staff and stakeholders learn how to create inclusive culture.

Ericka has also served as lead researcher and a contributing author to the national publication: Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture published in 2018 by Equity in the Center. To learn more about Ericka, visit here.



Black Women Thriving

As lead researcher for Black Women Thriving, Ericka is working to uncover the circumstances that allow Black women in the workplace to prosper. In phase one, she released a survey to Black women from around the country, and across a variety of job sectors. She received more than 1,500 responses over 50 interviews with Black women in focus groups.  The full report will be published June 7, 2022.  

In this keynote, Ericka presents some of the data she gathered, what this means for organizational leaders who wish to implement equity and inclusion, and how they can foster an environment in which their Black women employees are not just surviving, but thriving.

Key Takeaways:

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  • When Black womxn thrive, your organization as a whole benefits.

“Most of the time, my clients have been doing their DEI work believing that they were focused on inclusion and equity when all of their efforts have really been focused only on diversity.

Hiring more Black, Indigenous, and People of color? Diversity.
Trying to get more folks of color into leadership? Diversity.
Asking for demographics during onboarding? Diversity.

Not inclusion and not equity work.”

~ Ericka Hines, J.D.

As a DEI strategist and researcher who has worked with more than 10,000 individuals throughout the United States, Ericka Hines knows that what it takes to achieve diversity is different from what it takes to achieve inclusion or equity.

The strategies are different. The timelines are different. And understanding what that difference means for your organization is important.

With more than 10 years of experience, Ericka has worked with organizations that are ready to move from aspirations of creating an equitable workplace into action.

Through speaking engagements, trainings, and mentoring programs, she has challenged organizational leaders to examine the root causes of race equity issues, deepen their knowledge and understanding of DEI—and the differences between them, and most importantly, she has helped to initiate the actions needed to bring about change.

What thought leaders are saying

“Ericka brings a stunning array of skills and expertise. Everything Ericka does is rooted in the question about how to build a just and equitable culture and to amplify organizational impact.”

– Heather Laine Talley, Director of Communications and Culture, Tzedek Social Justice Fund

“If you are looking for a partnership that invites you to think about how a commitment to equity can be infused into the life and breath of your organization, [Ericka] is that partner.”

– Lynne Cripe, CEO, The KonTerra Group

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