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Articles and Podcasts about Equity

With over a decade of experience in operationalizing workplace equity, Ericka’s knowledge can equip you as you gather tools and resources to transform your organization. Between articles that bring clarity to complex equity issues and podcasts that give you insight into grappling with those issues in “real life,” these curated resources take the guesswork out of building an inclusive culture.

Equality vs Equity

Black Women Thriving

By Ericka Hines and Mako Fitts Ward

Black women are brilliant, ambitious, qualified.

But we’re not treated as such. We survive workplace structures and cultures that were not built for us, that are stacked against us, which is made clear in many implicit and explicit ways —through pay, mentorship and sponsorship gaps, performance and promotion bias, daily microaggressions, and discrimination.

In order to change that we need to create strategies that center Black women, designed by Black women which hold organizations accountable to Black women.

Equality vs Equity

Building Ladders to Success for Black Women in the Workplace

By Ericka Hines

Opinion piece: A new report by Every Level Leadership found a critical lack of formal mentorship and sponsorship programs for Black women and that access to these types of programs are pivotal to Black women’s ability to thrive in the workplace.

So You Want to Hire an Equity Consultant

By Kerrien Suarez with contributors Ericka Hines, Andrew Plumley, Kate Loving & Seana Jean

We could not have foreseen the historical course of 2020 and the exponential increase in demand for race equity training and capacity building following the murders of countless Black and trans individuals— Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Michelle Michellyn Ramos Vargas and many others— sparking Black Lives Matter demonstrations nationwide. To address the urgent need organizations have expressed for support in navigating how to begin building a Race Equity Culture, we’ve republished our 2018 “So You Want to Hire an Equity Consultant” blog series as a guide for leaders and organizations seeking to begin this work in earnest.

Cover - So You Want to Hire an Equity Consultant
Equality vs Equity

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter

By Monisha Kapila, Ericka Hines, and Martha Searby; ProInspire

Diversity, equity, inclusion. Nonprofit organizations use these words as they strive to become more diverse, yet many leaders are uncertain about the steps needed to turn dialogue – and intention – into action. ProInspire’s work to develop leaders at all levels for the social sector has shown us that for many organizations, the desire to increase diversity isn’t translating into the reality of an environment that enables people of different backgrounds to succeed, and diverse, mission-advancing perspectives to be heard.

On Having Bigger Conversations with Desiree Adaway and Ericka Hines

thaís sky Podcast. Guest Ericka Hines and Desiree Adaway

Desiree and Ericka were invited on the podcast for a conversation on leadership and what ensued was a rich tapestry of narrative on empowerment versus entitlement, individualism, and what it looks like to have big conversations that matter. Ericka and Desiree bring their fire for justice as well as their playfulness in a dialogue that will leave you wanting to do better.

Equality vs Equity
Equality vs Equity

EP6: Navigating Holiday Conversations, Version 2020

Inclusive Life with Nicole Lee Podcast.  Guests Ericka Hines and Heather Laine Talley

In this conversation with Ericka Hines and Heather Laine Talley, we are looking at Holidays 2020 as a new and different creature. We are approaching the holidays desperately needing connection and yet we are divided not only by our political beliefs but our differing boundaries around COVID social distancing and even our varying attachments to reality. It is tough terrain.

Dear CEO: Successful Diversity Needs the Right State of Mind

By Ericka Hines and Monisha Kabila

To conclude ProInspire’s work as curation partner for Independent Sector’s collection of diversity, equity, and inclusion resources, Ericka Hines and Monisha Kapila co-authored the following blog post about the importance of leadership mindsets to the advocacy and advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within an organization.

Equality vs Equity
Equality vs Equity

Awake to Woke to Work

Lead Researchers Ericka Hines 

Ground yourself in the process of building a Race Equity Culture. Explore the levers that drive change and the stages that mark transformation using the Race Equity Cycle. In collaboration with over 120 experts in the fields of DEI and race equity, we provide insights, tactics, and best practices to shift organizational culture and operationalize equity.

Equality vs Equity

“The Work of Equity is a Daily Practice” Ericka Hines, Founder of Every Level Leadership, on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ten years ago today, Ericka Hines, JD, officially launched Every Level Leadership, a consultancy dedicated to helping socially Ericka Hinesresponsible businesses and organizations develop leaders, create diverse and inclusive workplaces, and employ emotional intelligence.

Equality vs Equity

Racial Equity: What Will it Take?

There seems no better way to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday than to announce the upcoming episode in our Making Change conversation series – a conversation about racial equity with diversity and inclusion advocates Desiree Adaway and Ericka Hines.

Equality vs Equity

How Nonprofit Workers and Leaders Can Make a Difference as Racial Tensions Flare

By Ericka Hines and Monisha Kapila

Senseless shootings across the country have awakened racial tensions in America anew.