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Black womxn deserve workplaces that support their care and healing and that invest in their professional development at every level.

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The Challenges

Every day, Black womxn face workplace culture where pathways to promotion are fraught with implicit bias, the burden of leading diversity initiatives, and managers who dissuade authenticity while upholding white supremacist standards of professionalism. Time and again, Black womxn hoping to find fulfillment at work have found the need to strike out on their own instead of experiencing workspaces that invest in them and nurture their limitless potential.

The Solutions

Ericka’s work with Black Womxn Thriving seeks to define what it means for Black womxn to thrive in the workplace and to determine how Black womxn find joy, success, and stability at work.

Ericka envisions a workplace standard in which Black womxn can show up in authenticity each day in every situation and can embody the principles of corporate leadership however they choose.

I do brave spaces, not safe spaces

What we know

To change workplace culture, it is vital to examine the processes and structures necessary to promote and support the care and healing of professional Black womxn. Additionally, identifying what companies and organizations need to do to create work environments where Black womxn thrive is of critical importance.

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