Partnering with a Racial Equity Consultant

Working with an experienced DEI consultant can help you evaluate the path you’ve taken thus far, reassess your strategic plan, and move you to action.

You’ve committed to deconstructing the systems of racial inequities that exist within your organization. A plan for hiring diverse folks is in place, you’re in the process of forming a working group, and your organization as a whole looks more diverse and inclusive.

But there is still work to be done—and that work cannot wait.

Achieve Measurable Results

Our clients have adopted new strategies for hiring people of different backgrounds, increased retention rates, created more welcoming working environments, and developed better products and programs by engaging more of their workforce.

Here are some of the outcomes our clients are experiencing as a result of our partnership:

Recruiting a staff that is 60% BIPOC

Created organizational policies around holidays, improved conflict resolution, and developed interviewing practices that promote diversity, inclusion and equity

Hired a more racially diverse Board of Directors

Coached organizational leaders on how to effectively lead with a lens towards inclusion and equity

Crafted organizational strategic plans that apply a DEI lens to every company goal, coaching team, and organizational leader.

Operationalize Race Equity at Work

Ericka Hines is a racial equity consultant who helps leaders like you operationalize the race equity culture you committed to building, and take the action needed so it shows up in your organization every day.

When you work through the process with someone who can guide your steps, and give you the insight to make the best decisions for your unique organization, the investment you make has a tangible impact on your team, your organization as a whole, and your impact on your community.

Each engagement is custom-built for your organization and may include a combination of the following services:

Equity audit and roadmapping

Starting at $75,000

Every Level Leadership will conduct a detailed audit of your organization’s current workplace culture and develop strategies to address the specific challenges your organization faces.

Customized DEI training series

Starting at $35,000
(for teams, leadership, and boards)

Includes a combination of the following:

  • Training sessions focused on building skills and knowledge.
  • Resources and reflection questions
  • Office hours (Q&A) tied to trainings
  • Post engagement check-in

Equity coaching

Starting at $7,500

Providing coaching as 1:1 or small teams to help build more inclusive and equitable leaders

  • 6 coaching sessions over 6 months

On demand training

Every Level Leadership offers courses that can be taken on demand that cover topics such as DEI councils and Whiteness at Work. Click here for more information.

In general, our client engagements average 6 months and are custom designed for each organization.

“I was fortunate enough to work with Ericka when she acted as my Leadership Coach. Ericka always provided a nice balance of positive feedback with constructive criticism, noting my successes but never shying away from calling me on areas where I wasn’t living up to my own plans, desires or expectations. Her gentle but straightforward demeanor made this interaction effective. Ericka’s confidence, sense of humor, obvious knowledge and heartfelt dedication to the work and to women leaders immediately put me at ease, allowing me to work through the leadership issues at hand.

Working with Ericka has given me the tools I needed to gain the freedom to do great things. She is, indeed, a Social Change Diva, and someone I am proud to call coach, mentor and fellow traveler as I step into my leadership!”

Suzy Meneguzzo, Grant Professional

Ericka Hines helps you put long-term strategies and trainings into practice, and guides you to the culture you are committed to building.

Meet some of our clients

Imagine if you were no longer solely responsible for transforming your organization’s culture and instead had direct access to a DEI partner who could guide you on the next right step and hold you accountable.

Ericka will help you build an organization around diversity, equity, and inclusion—and foster a workforce who feel empowered to share their unique talents and ideas.

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