Personal Tools for Systemic Change

Systemic change can only occur when the individuals who benefit from that system decide to make a change.

With an eye toward developing specific ways to champion diversity, racial equity, and inclusion work, Ericka’s training equips participants to embrace and champion inclusion work, personally and professionally.


White supremacy is baked into every organization’s policies, practices, culture, and norms.
In order to disrupt the status quo we have to go beyond diversity and implicit bias work, we’ve got to get to the root.
This means confronting white supremacy, racism, institutional inequities, and power dynamics.
To develop the shared language, frameworks, and skillsets to help you push back against white dominant culture and institutional racism.
Join us as we work to create cultures of racial equity.

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Awake to Woke to Work

Once a month, we are offering virtual open enrollment workshops on building a Race Equity Culture. The first module is training on the Race Equity Cycle framework for organizational transformation and the second module is a deeper dive on operationalizing equity.

Ericka Hines and Desiree Adaway
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