Personal Tools for Systemic Change

Systemic change can only occur when the individuals who benefit from that system decide to make a change.

With an eye toward developing specific ways to champion diversity, racial equity, and inclusion work, Ericka’s training equips participants to embrace and champion inclusion work, personally and professionally.


REwork—short-term specific coaching with topics that include social identities, biases, dominant culture in workplaces, building diverse professional networks, and others

Social Justice Initiative—four-month deep dive into issues of social justice taught by Erica Hines and Desiree Adaway. Participants receive a curated topical syllabus each month, an action item list, access to a private facilitated online community, and one 1:1 hour-long coaching session with either Ericka or Desiree.
Ericka Hines and Desiree Adaway
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